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experiment by Broken-Lolita-Doll experiment :iconbroken-lolita-doll:Broken-Lolita-Doll 0 2 Falling Star by Broken-Lolita-Doll Falling Star :iconbroken-lolita-doll:Broken-Lolita-Doll 2 2 WiiU screenshot TV 01427 by Broken-Lolita-Doll WiiU screenshot TV 01427 :iconbroken-lolita-doll:Broken-Lolita-Doll 0 0 Lana Del Ray by Broken-Lolita-Doll Lana Del Ray :iconbroken-lolita-doll:Broken-Lolita-Doll 2 0 There's a black house burning in the moonlight by Broken-Lolita-Doll There's a black house burning in the moonlight :iconbroken-lolita-doll:Broken-Lolita-Doll 0 0
There's This Girl
There's this girl, who was broken
in her heart, soul and mind.
She put on a mask, faked a smile and
Worked to make everyone else happy,
But she never felt like she was safe anywhere.
There's this girl who knew a guy, just through friends,
Who at first she was afraid to talk to.
She worked up the courage to say hi,
try to become his friend and chat with,
But she had no clue what would happen.
There's this girl who went to see a movie,
with this guy and a few of her friends.
She chatted with him, flirted a little and
Was generally nice to him,
But still kept a little bit of a distance.
There's this girl who went to a party,
Back at the guy's place with two other people.
They had alcohol, played games and
Had a nice time overall,
But she could feel something in her heart.
There's this girl who kissed this guy,
Because she thought he was cute.
They kissed more, talked to each other and
cuddled closely.
But she didn't realise her walls were crumbling.
There's this girl who's fallen in love
:iconbroken-lolita-doll:Broken-Lolita-Doll 2 4
Letter to an Ex
Dear Ex,
I don't really know what to say, so I'll just write whatever comes to mind I guess. It's been over two months since we broke up, and since then we haven't really spoken to each other properly. While that is quite normal, it's also slightly saddening, seeing as you were the one who said you wanted to still be there for me and still be a friend. Was that a lie? Were you just saying that, or did you truly mean it and just drifted away? I guess I won't know as you won't speak to me.
I know I was not the most likeable person over the holidays, and that alcohol consumption is partially to blame for that. But honestly the grudge you're holding over it is so childish. You know I'm a selfless person, I try my best to be selfless, so why is it such a huge deal when I decide to be a little selfish now and then? Why must you and a few others have to bring mew down when I choose to do something to make myself happy or to better my life? If you could give me a proper and legitimate answer,
:iconbroken-lolita-doll:Broken-Lolita-Doll 1 2
Letter to a Friend
Dear friend,
It's been 246 days since we first met. We've had a lot of ups and downs, some laughs and tears, and general good times. But I think we both know what's going to be at the end of this letter. We used to be close friends. Well, I guess. You used to be my close friend and you used to like me more than that. I guess with your attitude the past few weeks it's the only real reason you kept me close.
I wanted to start out by apologising for my attitude during those months where I was stressing out to the max. You were there for me, maybe only for your own gain, but you were a shoulder to cry on. online, it was easy to talk to you and tell you how i was feeling, but in person I felt suffocated. You would constantly tell me how you felt, and I couldn't cope because I did not feel the same way. So I tried to drive you away physically, usually by hitting or punching you. It was wrong of me and I know it. But I did say that I did not feel the same and you wouldn't really listen. We're
:iconbroken-lolita-doll:Broken-Lolita-Doll 4 4
I'm Done
I'm done.
I'm done helping you.
I'm done being a rock.
I'm done being your shoulder.
You cried.
You cried because you were hurting.
You cried because you felt depressed.
You cried because you wanted to leave this world.
I tried.
I tried my best to help.
I tried my best to be friend.
I tried my best to catch you while you fell.
You promised.
You promised to help me.
You promised to listen to me.
You promised to let me talk to you when I needed to.
I'm sick.
I'm sick of you.
I'm sick of helping out.
I'm sick of getting nothing in return.
You lied.
You lied about helping.
You lied about who helped you.
You lied about being a friend for me.
I listened.
I listened to your cries.
I listened to your problems.
I listened to you when no one else did.
You left.
You left me when I was falling.
You left me when I needed a friend to talk to.
You left me when there was no one else to help me.
I'm done with you.
:iconbroken-lolita-doll:Broken-Lolita-Doll 2 3
Born This Way by Broken-Lolita-Doll Born This Way :iconbroken-lolita-doll:Broken-Lolita-Doll 1 0 I'm just a holy fool by Broken-Lolita-Doll I'm just a holy fool :iconbroken-lolita-doll:Broken-Lolita-Doll 2 5
I am
I am
a freak
a cheapskate
a misfit
an animal
I am
I am
I am
I am
I am
I am human.
:iconbroken-lolita-doll:Broken-Lolita-Doll 0 4
School Years
They say that the years you spend in school are the best years of your life.
They are wrong.
Unless you are popular, they are wrong.
School is like a battlefield. Everyone is put, or drifts, into their rank. The popular ones and bullies being in charge, and the bullied the ones who scrub the floors and polish the boots. Those who work the hardest get the least credit. They give it their all.
And yet, they get the most hassle. They're the ones fighting more than just the people who are using names as their artillery, and pens and coins as their heavy machinery. They are the ones battling with their sanity everyday, not just school days, trying not to give in to the crushing depression and emptiness inside of them,
Because they have hope.
A small flicker of hope inside of them, that tells them that one day,
things will get better.
When I was in school, I was one of the bullied, one of the people who was made to stand in the front line so they could sacrifice me, while they got nothing. I
:iconbroken-lolita-doll:Broken-Lolita-Doll 1 2
Pikachu! by Broken-Lolita-Doll Pikachu! :iconbroken-lolita-doll:Broken-Lolita-Doll 4 4 Without te bottom lashes! by Broken-Lolita-Doll Without te bottom lashes! :iconbroken-lolita-doll:Broken-Lolita-Doll 1 4 When I am still bored... by Broken-Lolita-Doll When I am still bored... :iconbroken-lolita-doll:Broken-Lolita-Doll 1 9


Poison friends by Ryoko-demon Poison friends :iconryoko-demon:Ryoko-demon 2,124 59 Celaena Nehemia And Sorscha by may12324 Celaena Nehemia And Sorscha :iconmay12324:may12324 262 14 Celaena Sardothien by HalChroma Celaena Sardothien :iconhalchroma:HalChroma 370 15 Dorian's Yulemas Gift by Deesney Dorian's Yulemas Gift :icondeesney:Deesney 445 27 First Last Unicorn Wallpaper by puimun First Last Unicorn Wallpaper :iconpuimun:puimun 1,082 81 Manon by Charlie-Bowater Manon :iconcharlie-bowater:Charlie-Bowater 5,535 132 In the name on the moon we will punish you by ennemme In the name on the moon we will punish you :iconennemme:ennemme 903 41 The Misfits - Jem and the Holograms by Mostflogged The Misfits - Jem and the Holograms :iconmostflogged:Mostflogged 190 14 Taco Belle by AvantGeek Taco Belle :iconavantgeek:AvantGeek 87 15 Belle's burgundy ballgown - Beauty and the Beast by giusynuno Belle's burgundy ballgown - Beauty and the Beast :icongiusynuno:giusynuno 434 92 The Assassin And The Princess by meabhdeloughry The Assassin And The Princess :iconmeabhdeloughry:meabhdeloughry 413 21 Teddy and Victoire by meabhdeloughry Teddy and Victoire :iconmeabhdeloughry:meabhdeloughry 293 11 WitchieWoos by meabhdeloughry WitchieWoos :iconmeabhdeloughry:meabhdeloughry 270 8 You Are My Passenger by meabhdeloughry You Are My Passenger :iconmeabhdeloughry:meabhdeloughry 461 27 Elain and Lucien by meabhdeloughry Elain and Lucien :iconmeabhdeloughry:meabhdeloughry 698 36 Black Haired Girls by meabhdeloughry Black Haired Girls :iconmeabhdeloughry:meabhdeloughry 865 86


Well, for starters been busy, passed my acting course and now hoping to go onto the next level. also hoping to get a job and start ballet lessons again. I shall be at manchester cmic con this week WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! i'll be going as Princess Bubblegum ^^ so if you see me please say hi!
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Holleigh Brooks
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
I'm just a girl going through life, nothing special. i like stuff, i dislike stuff, I draw when i feel like it and i can't afford any of this fancy pants technology people use these days for drawings and digital paintings. i just sit around procrastinating and reading books, along with drawing and writing small things to offload feelings. And I have absolutely no idea of what I want to do for a living, yay~!


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